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In 1889 two brothers, André and Edouard Michelin, embarked on a great human and industrial odyssey to develop modern transport solutions – the key to freedom and economic development – through ceaseless innovation.

In 1946 Michelin filed a patent for a new tyre – the Radial in 1952 Michelin adapted this technology and applied it to truck, HCV and LCV tyres, followed in 1959 by the Michelin X Radial for earthmoving equipment

Michelin offers a wide variety of choices, capable of adapting its tyres to different types of vehicles, journeys and conditions. In compliance with legislation and the necessary technical requirements.

In general, the UK Construction and Use Regulations require that tyres of the same construction should be fitted
on the same axle. Fitting tyres with different tread patterns is tolerated provided they:

  • have sufficient load capacity for the plated weights of the vehicle axle
    • are the same size
    • are the same structure (radial or diagonal)
    • have sufficient speed capacity.

However, for optimised tyre performance Michelin recommends fitting tyres with the same tread pattern on the same axle.  If this is not possible, Michelin advises mounting twinned tyres of the same type.

X-works, XTE, XTE2, XTE3

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Hankook Tyres are one of the world's largest and fastest growing tyre manufacturers for radial tires for passenger cars, light trucks (SUVs, RVs, and LCV.), HCV trucks, and buses.

Hankook Tyre also develops cutting-edge technologies to upgrade customer satisfaction through high-quality products.


Truck Tyres

As a UK Hankook Authorised Dealer we are able to offer any tyre in the Hankook range, here is just a small selection of the tyres we can offer

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Tyre Safety Month at Red Scar Tyres

October is Tyre Safety Month

Now is the time to make a PACT with your TYRES and get a check up

Performance, including grip, handling and fuel economy will all be improved with correct tyre care.

Air pressure is essential for maximum performance. Pressures should be checked at least once a week using an accurate pressure gauge.

Condition is critical to road safety. Inspect tyres for any cuts, bulges, uneven wear or objects embedded in the tread.

Tread depth is essential for safety on wet roads.

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Red Scar Tyres offer a range of solutions to any size of buisness from private individauls to multi site and multi national companies.

No matter how big your fleet, we are here to help.






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