Turn On Rim

Tyre rotation or Turn On The Rim is the practice of moving tyres from one position on a vehicle to another, to ensure even tyre wear to provide consistent performance and extend the overall life of a tyre.

Tyre rotation can be undertaken at home, at work, on site or at our depot by our mobile fitters. Just talk to one of our team to assess whether tyre rotation is suitable for your vehicle. 

Uneven tyre wear can also be caused by steering, the rubbing and bumping of kerbs and the under or over inflation of tyres.  Finally, mechanical problems may also cause uneven wear, the most common cause being the need to re-align the vehicle’s tracking.

Please note, tyre rotation can ONLY be undertaken where; 

  • Tyres are the same size

  • There is sufficient tread on the tyres and that all tyres have legal tread

We stress that tyre rotation should be seen as a short term option and the fitting of new tyres is always advised. 





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