Tyre Regrooving

With the rising cost of tyres, we know that you’ll want to get the most out of the rubber you’ve purchased. With most modern truck tyres having an extra layer of base rubber built into them, regrooving offers the easiest and cheapest way to extend the life of the tyre, without compromising on safety.

Whether it's at our Red Scar Depot or on site, our expert fitters are trained to regroove truck tyres to the manufacturers specifications.

  • -A regrooved tyre can be fitted on any axle
  • -Correctly regrooved tyres can still be retreaded


  • -Improves the life of the tyre by up to 25%
  • -Most cost effective way of extending tyre life, without replacement
  • -A regrooved tyre has reduced rolling resistance by up to 25% compared with a new tyre, which means lower fuel comsumption*
  • -Regrooving will improve the tyres grip and safety





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